HIQ All Breed Adult Lamb Dog Feeds 2.8Kg


HIQ All Breed Adult Lamb Dog Feeds 2.8Kg
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Description of HIQ All Breed Adult Lamb Dog Feeds 2.8Kg

All Breed Adult Lamb

For adult dogs of all breeds. Formula with lamb

• With lamb protein to meet nutritional needs and maintain energy balance.

• Contains no wheat and maize, so it is suitable for gluten-sensitive allergic dogs with a sensitive digestive system.

• Healthy skin and dense and shiny furs.


适用于所有品种的成年犬 - 羊肉配方





















●成分:羔羊肉38%(干燥和精细研磨),大米,大麦,家禽脂肪,马铃薯蛋白,马铃薯干浆,甜菜浆,亚麻籽,豌豆,豌豆蛋白,椰子油,啤酒酵母,动态微粉化斜发沸石(1%),磷酸一钠,菊苣萃取物,甘露寡糖(MOS),丝兰萃取物,葡萄糖胺(250 mg/kg),酵母(β-葡萄糖),硫酸软骨素(100 mg/kg ),干燥金盏花。


HiQ feeds are supplemented with an exceptional ingredient – NanoAgent. It is a natural mineral processed to nanoparticles. Due to the light weight of nanoparticles, NanoAgent moves faster through a pet‘s body than various nutrients do. When in contact with NanoAgent they also start to move around faster which leads to better digestion and more efficient absorption of nutrients.


HiQ feeds for adult pets are enriched with one of the most valuable products in the world – natural and beneficial, pure coconut oil, also know as one of the few superfoods. It may optimize pet‘s metabolic processes and improve the condition of digestive tract. Pure coconut oil also positively affects skin and coat and may help to protect against infections and diseases. Due to its ability to stimulate brain activity, this component is especially beneficial for pets of senior age.


With high quality lamb – to retain healthy skin, shiny and thick coat. In addition, protein from animal sources ensure and maintain the proper amount of amino acids, that are crucial for every dog’s and cat’s healthy and long life.


Understanding the problems of dogs with extremely sensitive digestive system, we have created and included in HiQ line the corn and wheat free feeds. These may help dogs with sensitive skin and stomach avoid allergic reactions caused by wheat gluten and ensure perfect digestion for those which do not tolerate corn.


Polyunsaturated fatty acids are essential for your pet, as they can help to maintain shiny and thick coat as well as healthy and elastic skin. A complex of zinc and vitamins (vit. C, E, A, B) promotes synthesis of keratin, which is one of the most important element ensuring healthy structure of feet, skin and coat.


To maintain healthy body and energy balance the formula has been supplemented with high-quality proteins of animal origin, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and balanced complex of vitamins and minerals. This combination of active substances will ensure sparkle and vitality of your pet.

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