Khang Shen Tongkat Ali Slide (Black)|康参东革阿里片(黑)

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Khang Shen Tongkat Ali Slide (Black)|康参东革阿里片(黑)
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Description of Khang Shen Tongkat Ali Slide (Black)|康参东革阿里片(黑)


Black Tongkat Ali: for kidney deficiency, aphrodisiac, strengthening kidneys, clearing liver toxins, curing edema, warming uterus, waist and leg pain, arthritis, etc.

Black Tongkat Ali, also known as Black King Kong, is the best choice for replenishing male energy. The name Black Tongkat Ali is because its bark is dark brown. The slices are not black but gray. The roots of black Tongkat are relatively strong, so the diameter of black Tongkat slices is generally very domineering. It feels a distinct fishy smell. Women taking Tongkat Ali should first choose black Tongkat, which is mild in nature and sweet and fragrant. The effect can nourish the middle and nourish the nerves, strengthen the yang, help the kidney to strengthen, diuresis, treat edema, and have significant effects on waist and leg pain, arthritis, and weak and weak people. In addition, it nourishes yin and yang, helps treat vaginal discharge, and warms the uterus. Take it for a long time and keep you light and old. Traditional medicinal materials and tonics known to local peoples in Southeast Asia since ancient times

Tongkat Ali is yellow in color (also the leaching liquid of boiled water, soaked in water, and wine) and has a very bitter taste. Fresh Tongkat Ali has the smell of ginseng, while red and black Tongkat Ali have no bitter taste. Ge Ali suggested to eat Changhong Tongkat Ali imported from Malaysia.

Hei Tongkat Ali is also known as Wild Mountain Black King Kong and Heigenhuang Tongkat Ali. It is called wild ginseng by the Malay indigenous people and is an aphrodisiac and health-care medicinal material that indigenous people love! Malays love yellow Tongkat Ali, and Chinese love black Tongkat Ali! Black Tongkat Ali is scarce compared to Yellow Tongkat Ali, and its effect and efficacy far exceed that of Huang Tongkat Ali. The best supplement for men’s energy is Black Tongkat Ali, whose medicinal roots are different from other types. Although the stems and leaves of Hei Ali grow three feet above the ground, the black roots drill straight into the ground, which is longer than the ground stem, and its leaves are longer than human arms.

The taproot is uniformly slender, with many slender roots (somewhat like the lush roots of Northeast ginseng), the skin is black as charcoal, the fiber content is very high, and the parts of the bark are white with obvious growth rings. (Huang Ali It is thick yellow, with only one tap root no more than 2 meters away.) This black-rooted emperor Tongkat Ali is more difficult to find, and the yield is scarce and more precious. The black ali smells a heavier fishy smell, scrape a little bit and chew it in your mouth, you will find that the taste is relatively light, without the bitter taste of the yellow ali at all. Huang Ali has a ginseng taste, which is very bitter.


Tongkat Ali notes:

(1) Tongkat Ali tastes very bitter, so you can add rock sugar, honey, medlar, red dates, etc. when taking it.

(2) If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or prostate patients, please do not soak in alcohol.

(3) Critically ill patients, pregnant women and minors (under 16 years of age) cannot eat it.

(4) Tongkat Ali is beneficial to people with high blood pressure and heart disease. However, patients with short strokes caused by high blood pressure and patients with extremely weakened hearts should not consume it.

(5) Individuals vary in physique, so the first dose is halved. It is better to maintain an appropriate and balanced intake every day.

(6) If you need to double the dosage to enhance the effect, it may cause insomnia and sweating when taken suddenly in high dosage. So far, the medical field has not found any side effects of Tongkat Ali, and it can be taken for a long time without dependence.

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